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Music tuitions

Lessons we offer

Locations: Kenilworth (CV8 2), Birmingham (B1 1), or Onilne

Tuition Fee: 

  • One-to-one lesson: £40/hour, £20/30 minutes, or £30/45 minutes.

  • First one-to-one trial lesson discount: £15/30 minutes

  • Duo lesson: £44/hour, £33/45 minutes (cost shared by two)

  • Musicianship lesson for 3-4 years olds: £15/30 minutes (per person) 

  • Block booking discount available

  • First lesson 25%off. 

Registration: Please complete the booking form and we will get in touch with you shortly. 


One-to-one Piano

Eclectic pedagogical approaches are adopted according to individual students' learning paces and interests. Children from 4 years old are welcome to trial the lesson, where they learn the piano by playing games and meeting animal friends! 

Duo Piano

Playing the piano alone might be a bit lonely sometimes. We have a duo piano lessons full of creative ideas that accommodate siblings, parent & child, or besties to learn the black & white keys together. In addition to share music with your companion,  establishing a good hand posture is a crucial point at this stage. 


Here we have a small group of young musicians (3-4 years old) who are eager to explore the knowledge of music pitch, rhythm, dynamics, articulations, etc. We listen to various styles of music and also play percussion instruments, which necessarily equip the little ones for the next stage of music learning. 



Flute lessons are suitable for adults and children from 7-8 years old (starting from a Curved Headjoint), in one-to-one or a small-group setting. Our flute lessons are tailored to your interests and needs, whether it is classical, pop music, or grade exams.


Fife is an ideal starter for young flute learners from 6 years old. 

Through the Fife lesson, children learn to read music and fingerings that are corresponding to flute's. At this stage they also develop a good posture and breath control, as well as a proper embouchure to create beautiful sounds.

Music Theory

Understanding music theory help students' learning in instruments, as well as their aural skills and appreciation of music art. It could also be an independent subject that fulfil one's curiosity about the intrinsic structure of music. Range covered: ABRSM theory Grade 1-5.

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