2021 Autumn Term

  • 6 weekly classes (40 minutes) in November and December

  • The possible class time (please use the Google form to tick the time you prefer):

Tuesday 11-11.40am

Tuesday 2-2.40pm

Wednesday 10-10.40am

Wednesday 11-11.40am

Friday 11-11.40am

Friday 2-2.40pm

  • Location: The instructor's home studio in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

  • Fee:

* Baby and toddler groups: £7 per class, £42 for the whole term

* Player group: £8 per class, £48 for the whole term

* Discount for new comers: The first trial lesson for new comers is the same price, but it will be taken off if booking the whole term after the trial lesson.

* For the participants who join the class later, a pro-rata payment can be applied.

*Sibling discount (20 % off) is available.

  • We ask the adults who come to the class to wear masks, please. Hand sanitiser for all the members is provided.

Public liability insured