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Piano and Flute Lessons

Yi-Ting is an exceptional teacher! Her lessons have been extremely useful in helping me to progress on the piano. She teaches at a pace that compliments my current ability and I always leave the lesson knowing what I have to do to improve my playing for next time.


Adam, 18/12/2015


Very good first lesson for a late beginner. Thank you...

Anne 6/1/2016

Yi-Ting's wealth of music knowledge, calm and gentle approach make every lesson a joy to attend. Even though we only had few lessons so far but she has corrected all the bad habit Lucy developed in the past. I can see Lucy is making a big progress. We are so delighted to find her.

Xiaoli 15/12/2016

My daughter has been learning recorder with teacher Yi-Ting for almost one year. She has progressed so much and really enjoys attending the lessons. I believe the teacher's enthusiasm and encouragement play an important role in my daughter's learning process.

Yung-Fang 18/12/2016

Our 5-year-old daughter has been having piano lessons with Yi-Ting for about 9 months and has made real progress. Yi-Ting is a great teacher and is very patient. You can tell she has a real passion for what she does.
Ruth 18/8/2017 

I would definitely recommend Yi-Ting. I like that Yi-Ting teaches technique (e.g. position of hands, knowledge of symbols) and does not rush the material to ensure a sound basic is established. At the same time she uses different melodies to ensure that my very active son is not bored playing the same tune over and over again. Yi-Ting pays attention to what Sasha, my son, wants to practice and incorporates it in the lesson plan. The homework is well detailed so that we know what my son Sasha has to do. And thank you for the incentives, Yi-Ting, Sasha still has his 'earned' present on his desk.


Sasha's mum 2/2/2018

 I would highly recommend Edith for a piano tutor as both my daughters thoroughly enjoy her lessons. She is professional with a positive teaching manner and is always supportive and encouraging.

A local mum of two 27/4/2018

Great professional. Great lessons for both flute and piano. Would recommend to anyone.

Miranda 4/5 2018

Edith is a very experienced and more importantly reliable piano teacher. My son, naturally for his age and personality, is not always self-disciplined and self-motivated. Edith adapts her way of teaching to ensure not only the lesson time is efficient but also the practice time at home is too by giving us parents supporting information. We are really grateful to Edith for all her help and support to my son. Would recommend to anyone.   

Jian's father 25/7 2018

My daughter who is seven has been having weekly piano lessons with Edith for about a year.  Edith is a fantastic teacher, always enthusiastic and cheerful. She has tailored the lessons to suit my daughter’s changing abilities and strengths. For example, before my daughter could read music, she was encouraged to play tunes by ear.  Edith uses various methods to help and encourage where needed, but also lets my daughter correct her own mistakes where possible with subtle clues.  Edith makes it a great balance of learning and fun, and is very kind and accommodating. 

Liz  18/10/2018

Dr Huang is a very talented musician and her patient, encouraging and fun approach to teaching makes my kids looking forward to their piano lessons each week

Dongyueh  22/10/2018

Yi-Ting has been teaching me piano for almost a year now. I really enjoy my lessons and feel I have made excellent progress considering I am only there for 30 minutes each week. Yi-Ting is fun and patient. She explains carefully and constantly challenges me. She gives me praise when I do well which I find really encouraging. I was a bit anxious when I first started learning as my old teacher went back to China but Yi-Ting soon put me at ease.

Harry  23/10/2018

Wonderful teacher! I had been looking for a new teacher to support me through my grade 8 and Edith perfect. She is reliable, supportive and helpful. I enjoy lessons, and her teaching style is very helpful to me. She is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend!

Katie  12/2/2020

My son has been having piano lessons with Yi-Ting for about 4 months and has made real progress. She organizes the piano lessons really effciently and logically. She is also very patient, and I really thank her for that. My son likes her a lot, and he got really interested in piano. I would definitely recommend Yi-Ting.

Shuang  18/2/2020

This kind teacher (Edith)has taught my daughter flute lessons since June. She has a very friendly smile!She is very kind! Very professional knowledge! Very patient! We can feel that she is teaching students with her heart! My daughter likes her very much and the flute lessons are going well! We found a great teacher and highly recommend her!

Helen  3/7/2020

Yi-Ting 上课有笔记,方便家长课后跟踪,回课时还会复习和纠正上次的内容,讲课一点不含糊,细心观察孩子的问题,耐心纠正,总是及时和家长沟通学生的学习情况,她的笑容让学生和家长都觉得很亲切随和,对每个学生都非常负责!真的是一位很棒的老师,我们找到这样的老师很幸运啊!

Lianzhen  21/8/2020

Very warm welcome from Edith on my arrival for my Piano lesson. I am mainly self taught and an independent learner but Edith helped to encourage my learning, as an adult.

Adele 13/October/2020

Edith is very flexible in arranging a lesson and my daughter has now had three lessons with her and
has found her patient and approachable. Her method of teaching is tailored for the individual. Really great tutor to have lessons with.

He  3/January/2021

Edith is an exceptionally great teacher. Her sessions for our son are personalised to his needs and his progression. We've been with Edith for more than 2 years. There is a great difference between a great piano player and a great piano teacher, and Edith surely is one of the best teachers we've come across. We feel very lucky to have Edith!

Hugo's dad  4/January/2021

Edith is very friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful. We like her unique technique of teaching. My daughter really enjoys the lessons with Edith every time. I would recommend Edith to anybody.

Ying  7/July/2021

James’ been learning piano with Edith since he was 4 years old. Now 2 years down the road, we still cannot imagine a better piano tutor. Edith’s approach is gentle, but the teaching standard is high. She never rushes pupils for an instant result but follows their natural rhythm of mental and psychical developments. With a difficult boy like James, I am not sure how many ups and downs to come, but I am sure Edith will always be there to support.  I highly recommend Edith to piano leaners at all levels.

Victoria 26/August/2021

I'm an adult beginner to piano, and 25 years old. I've had 2 lessons with Edith so far and both have been brilliant! Super friendly and gives me great advice and lots to work on between lessons. 3 more booked in and looking forward to each of them. Highly recommended.

Seb 24/February/2022

My son started piano lessons with Edith nearly two months ago. I dare to say that in that short period he learned more than he did the whole previous year with his previous teacher. Not only that but he enjoys the lessons so much that he says the time passes so quickly it feels like five minutes. Edith is always so friendly, smiling, polite and welcoming but also very reliable and professional in her approach to piano teaching. I am so happy we have a tutor like her. 

Kali 24/October/2022

Edith is excellent, as a complete adult beginner Edith inspires me to meet her expectation levels and her standards are high. Already, I feel confident and am enjoying both my private practice, but particularly my one to one lessons. Edith quickly assesses my strengths and weaknesses and tailors the one to one sessions to maximise the learning moment for my requirements. I really look forward each week to my lesson with you. Its challenging but immensely enjoyable as well. You make learning fun. Thank you Edith. 

Richard 17/April/2023

I have only had a few lessons so far but Edith has made the lessons very fun and informative and is very encouraging. I am looking forward to continuing with lessons!...

Tina 19/Dec/2023 

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