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Mellow Melody Makers

Following the blossom of  Mini Mandarin Musicians in 2015 Autumn, Yi-Ting (Edith) also started her music tuitions in piano, flute and music theory. Many children growing up from the Mandarin class have continued their music journey with Yi-Ting and pursued further studies in playing instruments as well as strengthening their musicianship. The studio is also joined by older children and adult learners (university students, retired people, pupils' parents, etc.), who share diverse learning experiences in playing music. Through the years we have prepared pupils' exams, family concerts, music festivals and school performances, depending on participants' interests and choices.

In 2021 summer a brand new studio was established in Kenilworth (CV8) to facilitate the growing participation of music learners. New classes (ex. the Duo-Piano Lesson) are designed to bring more inspirations to our music making. Furthermore, we welcome a new teacher Sheng-Che W​u from Birmingham (B1) to enrich our music programmes (lessons can also be arranged in Birmingham). Together we provide fun and high-quality tuitions to musically engage our students when they come to the studio, as well as to help them find a suitable way when practicing at home. Please get in touch if you are ready to Make Mellow Melodies with us! 

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