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About the Program

This unique program allows children to explore the Mandarin world by games, stories, crafts, songs, etc. The curriculum of each session is framed with various topics to accommodate children’s learning paces and to reflect the cultural and seasonal features. Following the topical games, Chinese characters are introduced in an interesting and well-prepared contextual way.
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In the class we firstly play games and do activities, followed by learning sentences and words. Students are encouraged to bring work sheets home for review and preparation. The class is guided by qualified Mandarin teachers (lǎo shī, 老師), who would examine students’ learning progress and organise activities that are adaptable for individual learners. Depending on situations and activities, sometimes the class could be divided in groups to accommodate effective learning. 

In the class we play many games and therefore it is very important that students hold a positive attitude of respecting the game rules and other people. We appreciate if parents could remind their children that coming to the class with this attitude and fully following teachers’ guidance when playing games. Students are encouraged to ask questions and bring in their imaginations during the class but it would be appreciated to do so in suitable timings so as to keep the class flow well. The efficient learning outcome could be expected through the well- structured class and on the other hand students might also develop precious friendship with other ‘players’!
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