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Mini Mandarin Players Class

My daughter has been learning Mandarin with Bing for a couple of terms now and she really enjoys it. Bing is such an amazing teacher! She is patient and passionate about teaching. She creates a family friendly environment with packs of activities that little ones love. Being a mum herself, Bing is brilliant with ideas that little ones learn Mandarin by just having fun! Mini Mandarin Players is definitely one of the best places to start your little one's Mandarin learning journey! Highly recommended!


Yan, 16/4/2019

My daughter Sophie has just completed her 2nd term of Mini Mandarin Player program. Sophie learned Mandarin from different topics such as families, numbers, body parts etc in a fun and effective way! Teacher introduced different topics each week. Children learned Mandarin through playing games, singing songs, listening to stories and participating in various activities. I can see Sophie has made great progress week by week! Thanks for the teacher to prepare such great Mandarin lessons and we will surely continue our Mandarin journey with them in the future!

Kathy, 3/5/2019

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