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Other settings

Classes for nursery and Pre-school


The class structure for nurseries and pre-schools would be similar to the studio classes (level One for nursery and Two for pre-school). Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the class size and classroom environment. The presence and assistance by staff are needed during the class time.

Activities for child-minder


Yi-Ting is happy to provide the class at your place. Activities for mixed-age group will be designed according to the group’s characters and you or your parents’ suggestions.  The presence and assistance by you are needed during the class.




In addition to tuitions for flute, piano, recorder and music theory, Yi-Ting also provides private and small group lesson for learning Mandarin. There is no limit to the age range; whoever interested in learning Mandarin are welcome to take the lesson and experience a new culture!  

Special events 


Themes for special events such as Chinese New Year, Moon Festival and so on can be planned in the venue and date requested by the host. 

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