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Christmas Cards from Save the Children

Glad to see many new children enjoying our classes this term. It brightens my heart to see your smiley faces while moving with music and chants! 😊

While we are pleased with our children's progress on learning, we should not forget that many children elsewhere in the world mainly aim to survive. The winter is particularly harsh for them.

If you could help, please donate or order Christmas cards from Save the Children. I personally have ordered their cards for a few times, absolutely good quality and fair price. Below are the brochure for cards and an order form. Please contact Monique if you have any questions.

Many thanks and see you in the next classes! 💗


Yi-Ting Edith Huang

(A Save the Children Christmas card from 2022)

Save The Children Christmas Cards Brochure2023
Download DOCX • 3.55MB

Save the Children Cards 2023 order form
Download DOCX • 11KB


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