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Happy Moon Festival

Dear Mini Mandarin Musicians & Players and parents,

Sorry I haven't been in contact for a long while due to the known reason . However, I have missed all of our friends and the classes very much. From September I have started to accept individual bookings for one-to-one Mandarin & musicianship lesson and they have gone successfully so far. Along with my other music tuitions (piano and flute), we have implemented soundly protective measures to keep us all safe while enjoying the lessons.

With the recent surge of Covid cases, unfortunately, I cannot accept more bookings as I intended to. However, please do still get in touch if you are interested in taking Mandarin or/and music lessons. I will keep your requests in mind and hopefully in the near future we would be able to start the group or small-sized lessons with full confidence.

Meanwhile, I wish you all enjoy a beautiful Moon Festival with families. I miss the time that we could host big events for such wonderful moments. Hope it would come back before long.

Photo: Celebrating 2016 Moon Festival in the Kenilworth Arts Festival at Abbey Field, Kenilworth.


Yi-Ting Edith Huang


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