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2016 Chinese New Year Gathering in Kenilworth

Dear all,

As discussed in the class, we will host a Chinese New Year Gathering for the local residents on 7/2/2016 (Sun), which is also the Chinese New Year's Eve right before the Monkey Year in Lunar Calendar. There are several activities in this event, including:

1. Opening: Lion Dance

2. Singing performance: “Gong Xi Gong Xi”, "Happy New Year"

3. Drama: "Year, the Monster is Coming!!"

4. Flute duet: Traditional Taiwanese Melodies

5. Dance Performance: Hakka Song “Passing the New Year”

6. Craft making: Chinese Paper Lantern and New Year Couplet.

The time and location are:

7/2/2016 (Sun.) 3:00pm-4:30pm

Kenilworth Methodist Church

Priory Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1LQ

We will make a formal poster for advertisement soon. Please help distribute this information and come to celebrate the Chinese New Year together!

ps. This is a FREE ENTRY event!


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