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2017 Fiesta in Kenilworth Arts Festival

2017 Fiesta is coming soon! It will be hosted on 17th (Sun.) September at the Abbey Field in Kenilworth.

Like last year, Mini Mandarin Musicians will host fun activities the whole day, with our parents and students' involvement. In addition, this year we have invited two outstanding artists to participate in this special event. Please see the program below:

The first artist we invited is Hsiao-Ting Wang, who has just received her Doctor of Education (EdD) in Drama and Theatre Education from University of Warwick (Congratulations!). She will lead our young actors to present tales about the Chinese Moon Festival in the Mini Tent, and the audience are invited to participate in the show to obtain special gifts!

The second artist is Becky Woo, who graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a emphasis in Music Therapy and dulcimer performance. She runs her own arts studio in Guangdong, China for several years and am eager to share her music journey with the audience. ​

All families with young children are welcome to do the sing along sessions with Yi-Ting, and

old students from Mini Mandarin Musicians classes are particularly welcome to pop in! We will also set up a small corner for young children to take a rest or explore the simple instruments with some guidance. And of course older children are also welcome to do the easy Chinese crafts with us.

It's gonna be a fantastic day. We really look forward to seeing all of you there in the Fiesta!

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