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2016 Kenilworth Arts Festival completed!

Dear all,

Mini Mandarin Musicians are delighted to participate in 2016 Kenilworth Arts Festival this year. We read a poem and showcased three stories about Chinese Moon Festival- Chang'E Flying to the Moon, Wu Gang Chopping Laurel Tree and Rabbit Pounding Medicine. We also learned some Chinese vocabularies with stories. The two sessions we performed in the teepee were full of audience and we had a great time. Many thanks to our young and adult performers, you are brilliant!

Also thank you very much for students and parents who helped set up our gazebo and prepared interesting activities for visitors- making Chinese lanterns, coloring story papers, decorating paper pomelos and playing cardboard pokemons! We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day and the festival itself, see you next year!

Photo credit goes to Maggie Chang, thank you!

Photos can be viewed in the gallery: Check here!

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