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Short-term class and maternity leave

Dear parents and children,

Glad to announce that our Mini Mandarin Musicians classes have come to a temporary break due to the commencement of my maternity leave starting from April.

Before taking the leave, I was very pleased to tailor a short-term class for a group of students and their supportive parents. Thank you very much for the trust and cooperation. The class went very well, although it was comparatively short (only five sessions). I enjoyed the class time with this group and found it as fruitful as in other classes. Below is the link to some photos taken in the class, as well as a video clip portraying children's favorite game in this class, "Pull Out the Radish" ("拔蘿蔔”). Although the class space was limited, we tried to make it safe and fun for children. Eventually children leaned this song efficiently and liked to sing and play it with their parents at home.

As aforementioned, I am taking a maternity leave to greet our second child at the end of this month. Thank you very much for those who have expressed good wishes to my delivery and the willingness to wait for my return to the class after the maternity leave. I will keep you posted about the schedule of new terms, perhaps in November or early next year. Also, please contact me if you need private lessons in Mandarin or music so that I can reserve some slots for you before arranging the schedule for new terms. Good-bye until then!



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