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Dragon Boat Festival Event Photos

We had a fantastic event yesterday! Thank you all for coming to our event and sharing the joyfulness with us. It is marvellous to be able to introduce our cultural heritage with you and spend a precious afternoon with old and new friends. Hope you had enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thank you so much for our strong team members Alison Sham, Barbara Lan, Bing Li, Lilian Skinner, Maggie Chang, Rachel YeeWei, Sophie Yang, Teresa Cheng and Yung-Fang Chen. This event was a wonderful gift for our community as well as a tribute to this traditional festival, and it wouldn't happen (and be so good) without you!

We also appreciate the generosity and help of our sponsors: West Midlands Combined Authority and National Lottery. Thank you for organising this project for connecting the communities together.

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