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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Dear all,

Remember we had a blast last year in the Dragon Boat Festival event in Kenilworth ? This year we are happy to invite the Snowflake Books from Oxford to celebrate this wonderful cultural event with us, and to provide new activities and inspirations to our children and community. Please come and join the fun time with us!


2-2.20 Story time: Dragon Raises His Head. 2.20-2.50 Various craft activities (children and parents can choose what they like to do) Paper dragon boat making Dragon colouring Draw and write Chinese Dragon Make aromatic bags Find out your Animal Zodiac and draw one yourself (will be shared with Taiwanese children) 2.50-3.30 Model dragon boat race on the floor or on tables. 3.30 – 4.00 Dance with the Dragon, with traditional Chinese gong and drums. Bonus program: Snowflake Books will hold a special exhibition of Taiwanese children's artwork throughout the entire event. Do come along to have a look at the creative artwork done by the children in Taiwan on how they want to express themselves, their hometown and culture in arts to people in the UK.

This event is sponsored by National Lottery funding and the West Midlands Combined Authority. Thank you very much!

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