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2022 Mellow Melody Makers' New Year Concert

We had a magnificent concert contributed by my lovely students and two incredible guest performers in a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Kenilworth Methodist Church.

It was an unforgettable experience to host this concert under a critical period, which requires strict measures to hopefully prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. The concert was a collective effort and so please accept my immense gratitude to all the parents, students and the voluntarily kind helpers. ❤️

The music played by our children that afternoon really touched me, and the courages and efforts they spent step by step to complete this task were admirable! Unfortunately we had to cancel three programmes due to the Covid related cases, however I am equally proud of those who couldn't make to this concert as I know how well you had prepared for it.

Please see the video above as well as the photo album of our concert. Congratulations to your great achievement on performing in this concert, and hope you also enjoyed this experience as much as I did. Continue to work hard and showing off musically!


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